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Give Something back

Clean, quality clothing is in high demand in homeless centres across the UK, so with your help, we'd like to do something about it. From 10th March 2020 for every item purchased from us, we will donate a similar item to a homeless charity in the UK, starting with Carecent. You buy one = we donate one. 

Headlock + Carecent

Headlock was founded on the philosophy of slowing down fashion and encouraging sustainability in an industry notorious for wastage. Now we are teaming up with the charity Carecent to not only reduce even more fashion wastage but to also help the homeless and socially excluded people while we're at it.

How It Works

We source thousands of items of vintage clothing every month, however not every piece makes it onto the site. It takes time to photograph and list products, so only rare items or pieces from brands we think will sell make it onto the site. This leaves us with a surplus of high-quality gear, that doesn't fit the Headlock brand. We usually resell or return these to our suppliers, but from now on we are going to donate one for every item purchased with us. So if you buy 3 items, we will donate 3 items to those who need it.

Start Shopping

The beginning of something special

This is just the start, but together we can make a difference. 

If you have a local charity you would like us to support, please get in touch and let us know. 

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